We continue to write about watchmaking. Because it is our job. While right now in Ukraine there are men and women fighting, children fleeing, if they are lucky, and journalists risking their lives to let us, the world, know what is happening in their country, their land, their home.

At a time like this, the only thing to think about is "What can I do?". Me staying warm in my house in Italy, afraid that the world as I have known it so far will change forever, or at least as long as I live. Fear that the dream of a West at peace is over and who knows what will come next, when the war is over.

Something can be done. Simply by clicking computer keys and deciding to give up a gift, a new jumper, a dinner at a restaurant or even more.

Today I am not talking about watches, but I would like to point you to the sites of international and local organisations to which you can make donations, if you wish, to help the men, women, children, and also independent information, in a war zone so close to us and our culture.

Dody Giussani

International Organisations
World Food Programme – Unicef – UNCHR

Ukrainian organisations
Voices of children – Vostok SOS – The Kiyv Independent (independent newspaper)