Leica and watchmaking: a close encounter between two worlds

Discovering the Leica universe, and its new watch collection, with members of L'Orologio Club.

Leica L'Orologio Club

Leading brand in photography, Leica set foot in watchmaking in 2014 with the creation of models made by independent Swiss manufacturer Valbray. But since 2018, its approach to the world of timepieces has taken the direction of manufacturing, consistent with the historical production of photographic and optical equipment, still made entirely in Germany. This and more was discussed during the event on 31 January at the Leica Store in Milan, which brought together 10 members of L'Orologio Club together with customers and fans of the brand.

Leica L'Orologio Club

Among the evening's protagonists, Renato Rappaini, Managing Director Leica Camera Italia, retraced the essential stages of Leica's history and innovations, while Marcus Eilenger, Co-managing Director of the new watch division, described the design path of the new collection ZM 11presented live at this event.

Leica L'Orologio Club

Leica ZM 11: a play on light and shadows

As in photography, the design of the new watches takes its cue from the play of light and shadow, particularly on the dial.

The dial of the new ZM 11 has horizontal engravings that reveal an underlying layer, declined in three different colours depending on the reference. Other similarities are the knurling on the crown and the red button for quick strap changewith a very simple system borrowed from that of camera straps.

Leica L'Orologio Club

For the ZM 11 movement, Leica turned to Jean-François Mojon's Chronode, who designs and makes the movements of Cyrus watches, Hermès complications and the original mechanisms of many other watchmaking names. Mojon has adapted the Chronode C102 automatic calibre to the demands of the company, especially in terms of the shape and finish of the bridges and winding rotor, which echo the German taste that also characterises Leica machines.

Leica L'Orologio Club

An exclusive evening for L'Orologio Club members

Club members had the opportunity to talk to designer Marcus Eilenger, who has worked with some of the most prestigious watchmakers.

The event on 31 January impressed guests for several reasons, including meeting Marcus Eilenger, one of the most experienced watch designers, who answered all questions about the product and watchmaking in general. It was an opportunity to grow and deepen one's watchmaking culture, which further stimulated the participants' passion (if ever there was a need).

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