The Almanac Clock 2020/2021

L'Orologio Almanacco with its overview of the watchmaking year is now available on newsstands.

Twelve months, or rather thirteen. From November 2019 to November 2020. A year in which our lives appear as if suspended, yet time does not stand still.

This is why our end-of-year Almanac takes on a whole new meaning. A glimpse into a world that we thought had crystallised and which, instead, has gone through real revolutions in the past few months. The world of watchmaking, of course. In March, with the cancellation of trade fairs and the postponement until a later date of the launch of new products, we thought we had to put our passion on hold. Now we know that after the initial storm we can learn to move on. To live with a horrible situation and still do our job, to retain some certainties and to count on the spirit of initiative of companies, which in the end are made up of men and women who, like us, no longer want to stop.

In the Almanac you will find a snapshot of 13 anomalous months, incredibly rich in novelties, transformations, epochal changes, which no one would have imagined before. After 100 years, the Basel Fair no longer exists. The Sihh in Geneva has not only changed its name, becoming Watches & Wonders, but is preparing to be, in 2022, the reference event for the sector while remaining exclusive, with its announced 50 exhibitors.

The Geneva Grand Prix d'Horlogerie took place despite the pandemic. Admittedly, the choice of winners suffered from the absence of professionals of different nationalities on the jury (the situation in fact obliged the foundation of the Grand Prix to invite only people resident in Switzerland), but the industry's most popular event nevertheless kept the public's curiosity alive.

Our Watch of the Year has been awarded, respecting tradition and handing over to the Houses the preferences of the public of enthusiasts, our readers.

A year in apparent anticipation, 2020. Where courage has rewarded those who put themselves on the line anyway or - where it has not yet happened - will certainly reward them in 2021.