Lotus: gift ideas for Valentine's Day

Who wouldn't want to receive a special gift from the person they love? For Lovers' Day, the proposals from Lotus and Lotus Style are dressed in hearts and sparkling crystals, precious ideas for the most eagerly awaited gift! Hyper romantic and refined, the Lotus Bliss Collection of timepieces, with precious Swarovski® crystals, gives shape to feelings with a pair of hearts that symbolise the true meaning of love: always being there for the one you love. The two asymmetrical hearts define the iconic dial decoration, forming a sophisticated ensemble in which one mother-of-pearl heart acts as a romantic counterpart to the other smaller one, embellished with luminous Swarovski® crystals. This modern-looking collection is characterised by the use of a 316L steel case with a diameter of 29 mm, which stands out in its combination with the Milanese mesh bracelet. A seductive detail: a ring of Swarovski® crystals on the bezel and hour markers, a brilliant swirl expressing how intoxicating love can be. Sometimes all it takes is a symbol to declare one's love. Lotus Style signs the Woman's heart parure with soft, rounded lines that outline the heart-shaped jewels, the symbol of love par excellence! The pendant earrings, choker and bracelet are three super romantic ideas to celebrate a unique bond. Precious and desirable, the Woman's heart jewellery in steel is delicately set with luminous cubic zirconia that ignites the feeling of love and celebrates its purity. Lotus and Lotus Style: to celebrate the most romantic holiday of the year in a precious way!