Norqain in support of the environment

The House supports Dean Schneider and his wildlife recovery oasis 'Hakuna Mipaka' in South Africa.

Only 300 pieces of Norqain's Wild One Hakuna Mipaka will be produced. It is the result of a collaboration between the Swiss company and Dean Schneider, a Swiss entrepreneur who founded 'Hakuna Mipaka', an important oasis for wildlife recovery in South Africa. It is a unique place that covers 400 hectares of wilderness and is home to numerous species, including zebras, giraffes, leopards and a herd of lions.

Dean Schneider

Norqain decided to contribute to this project that aims to protect the environment and animals by donating 10% of the proceeds from the sales of the Wild One Hakuna Mipaka. The watch has several elements that recall Hakuna Mipaka, starting with the presence of the environmental oasis logo at 6 o'clock on the brown dial. The colour of the latter is a tribute to wildlife, drawing inspiration for the hue from King Dexter, a majestic lion with whom Dean Schneider has forged a special bond.

Norqain Wild One Hakuna Mipaka

The 42 mm case is made up of 25 parts and incorporates a robust and very light Norteq 'cage' in a dark brown colour, enclosed in a sand-coloured shock-absorbing rubber case. The inner case is made of titanium. The Norteq is an exclusive, lightweight and highly shock-resistant carbon fibre material. The overall weight of the timepiece is only 84 grams and has been shock-tested up to 5,000 g. Water resistance is guaranteed up to 200 metres.

Norqain Wild One Hakuna Mipaka

The movement used is the Norqain NN20/1 calibre (27 jewels, 28,800 vib/h), made by Kenissi, with a personalised rotor, Cosc chronometer certificate and 70-hour power reserve. The mechanism is visible through a sapphire crystal porthole on the caseback, on which are placed the name and logo of Hakuna Mipaka and the limited edition number. The dial is also protected by a sapphire crystal, subjected to a double anti-reflective treatment on the outside and inside. The sand-coloured strap is made of rubber.

Norqain Wild One Hakuna Mipaka

Finally, on the subject of this important collaboration, Dean Schneider said: 'Thanks to the partnership with Norqain, we were able to finance ongoing operations at Hakuna Mipaka Oasis. These operations include food for the animals, veterinary fees, costs for guards and animal handlers, electricity and maintenance work at the campsites. Another major project included my trip to Kenya, where I was able to visit schools to educate young people about the animal kingdom, bringing it into the hearts of children and inspiring them to protect wildlife".

Price5,250 euro.

Norqain Wild One Hakuna Mipaka