Sector pays homage to Patrick de Gayardon

Sector No Limits_ADV_SS18The new Sector advertising campaign is an absolute tribute to Patrick de Gayardon and the courage that knew how to fly with dreams. In 2018, exactly twenty years after his death, Sector No Limits celebrates the legendary athlete and his unforgettable feats. It is an exciting tale, beyond time, the one evoked in the new video spot and in the spectacular image that Sector dedicates to the summer. Frames that punctuate the emotions, giving pure adrenalin, in reliving the heroic deeds of someone who knew how to interpret the DNA and values of a brand that finds its history in the desire to dare. The minutes count and so do the seconds, when audacity prevails over logic, when one faces time to overcome it, to possess it, to fill it with action in every instant. The ad's protagonist is a unique, extraordinary man, animated by the indomitable desire to fly free, to the limit of the impossible. The watch that Sector dedicates to the French parachutist is the SGE 650 Patrick de Gayardon chronograph, worn by the athlete in his legendary flights and re-proposed today in an innovative guise, but still faithful to its identity. The past relives on the dial, where the vintage logo with the iconic Sector eagle returns to take centre stage. Sector's Worldwide campaign will be on air on TV and in print, on the web and on the brand's social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube) starting in March.

Here is the link to the commercial: