Zenith - New Ambassador

Swedish explorer Johan Ernst Nilson is the new ambassador ZenithHe will travel the globe from pole to pole, attempting a feat that no one has yet accomplished. The programme set by the Swedish explorer would make even the most daring athletes tremble: Departure from the North Pole on 30 March next; 200 km on foot over the Arctic ice pack to the Svalbard archipelago, east of Greenland; overland journey and sailing to Canada via the Arctic Ocean; cycling across the entire American continent from north to south, via the Amazon, to Patagonia; then back on board a sailing boat to tackle Antarctica and arrive at the South Pole after a two-month journey on skis and parafoils. The total duration of this venture is expected to be about a year. The expedition, which is due to start in a few weeks, is part of the Pole2Pole project, which aims to raise awareness of climate change by, for example, making it possible to observe the gradual melting of Arctic ice. Johan Ernst Nilson will use only the power of the elements - water, wind and sun - and, of course, his muscles to move along the course. The use of a chronograph, whose inexorable march is based solely on the accumulated force of its mechanical movement, symbolises the desire to use only clean energy. During the Pole2Pole expedition, on Johan E. Nilson's wrist will be a special edition of the El Primero Stratos watch. Created to withstand everything, this manufacture chronograph will be tested in the most hostile conditions to be found on Earth. The special edition Stratos Pole2Pole is limited to 500 numbered pieces.