Anti-counterfeiting campaign

Campagna anticontraffazione

We continue to talk about the phenomenon of counterfeiting, which is no longer a marginal problem in the world economy.

Assorologithe sector's entrepreneurial association that is a member of the Confcommercio system, presented the sector's first anti-counterfeiting advertising campaign at a press conference held yesterday in Milan. The initiative is based on the consideration that the counterfeiting phenomenon involves the watchmaking sector to an ever-increasing extent, generating significant economic and image damage for the market. This is why Assorologi, having joined Indicamthe Anti-Counterfeiting Institute, has now decided to actively engage in awareness-raising initiatives aimed at the end consumer through an institutional advertising campaign. The creativity was entrusted to J.Walter Thompson, one of the world's leading advertising agencies. The claim 'Not everything you wear on your wrist is legal' is a strong and immediate message in its simplicity, associating the image of two fake watches with that of a pair of handcuffs. In the words of the Association's President, Mario Peserico, 'Assorologi, through this direct-to-consumer operation, intends to draw the public's attention to the criminal and negative significance of a gesture erroneously perceived as playful and harmless'.

The press campaign will be featured in major national newspapers in the run-up to Christmas. In addition, counter and window posters will be produced that the Association will distribute in the coming weeks in thousands of watch shops throughout Italy. But that's not all: J.Walter Thompson has also overseen the creativity of an Originality Logo (OR Original Watches) that will sign the campaign and can be included by member companies in their advertising pages.