Summer mood 2: the (half) decalogue

It is not necessarily the case that a watch meeting all the requirements of a diver is necessary for summer use. One can opt for a watch with a case that is water-resistant to 100 metres, without it meeting all the specifications necessary to be called a diver, set by the international standard ISO 6425, which go far beyond resistance to immersion in water to a depth of at least 100 metres.

So, whatever your destination, when choosing a watch to wear all summer long, it is best to base yourself on some general indications and then assess the features that best suit the activities you will be doing. As promised, I share my personal list of minimum specifications for a summer watch, which, in addition to good water resistance (at least 100 metres), includes the following attributes:

1. Case made of durable material (so both precious metals and coatings are banned), steel, titanium and ceramic are welcome.

2. A metal bracelet or strap made of a waterproof material, because unless you travel to the other hemisphere there is always resistance to sweat to consider

3. A reliable buckle, i.e. a good sized pin bukle or a folding clasp with a safety system: the number of watches lost during swimming and hiking is greater than you think.

4. Dark dial, which may be puzzling, but in strong summer sunlight, readability is better with a nice blue or black dial and contrasting hands.

5. Scratch-resistant glass. I would avoid plastic glass like the plague, unless it is a 'disposable' watch.

Dody Giussani