The new course of Parmigiani Fleurier

Since last year, Guido Terreni has been at the helm of Parmigiani Fleurier. After a twenty-year career with Bulgari, during the most creative and stimulating period, in which he participated in the realisation of the company's Swiss watchmaking hub, completing its transformation into an integrated manufacture, the time had come for a new challenge. And he found it in an independent name in Swiss haute horlogerie: 'What I already knew about Parmigiani Fleurier is that it is a niche brand, capable of expressing watchmaking artistry at the highest level. And when I joined the company, that's exactly what I found: great savoir-faire and product culture'. And culture is precisely the core value on which Terreni wanted to build the brand's future, drawing directly from the source, namely Michel Parmigiani, because his purely horological approach still permeates the brand today.

The collection on which Terreni wanted to build the future of Parmigiani is the Tonda GT: 'It has given a fresh tone to the brand and for me is a good starting point. It has a slightly sportier, non-technical look, it's a comfortable watch to wear. What I'm doing now is a work of introspection, to understand the soul and aesthetic codes of the brand, because in the history of Parmigiani there are elements that are used continuously, but not brought to the fore as they should be. We are already working on designs and prototypes, at great speed, because having all the trades available in one place gives you a crazy power of development'.

What should we expect from the new course of Parmigiani Fleurier? "I would like the evolutionary creative direction to be well accepted, because it is not a revolution. And I hope to get a good understanding of the brand, which is an independent, Swiss, integrated manufacture, created by a person driven by the desire to perpetuate the art of watchmaking into the future'.