Watchmaking for pleasure with the Watchmaker Experience

Last November, our magazine L'Orologio and Swatch Group Italia Customer Service opened the doors of the workshop where the watches of the entire group are repaired to seven selected readers. After seeing with their own eyes the technicians at work, the guests took their places among the desks of the training room, usually used for staff refresher courses, and attended a short but fundamental theoretical lesson on how a watch works, held by the very people responsible for Customer Service training. The most eagerly awaited moment of the whole day was the practical test of disassembly and reassembly of a mechanical movement, the ETA 6498 calibre. At the end of the day, they were presented with a certificate signed by Customer Service and L'Orologio, before a toast and greetings. "I was impressed by the care and tidiness of the premises, the professionalism of the staff, and the fact that there is not just a general watchmaker, but also figures specialised in particular stages of the process, or specific brands. I would recommend the visit because it is a way to become aware, not only of the expertise and skills of a professional watchmaker, but also of the problems involved in the design and servicing of a movement and a watch,' commented one of the participants, Lorenzo Gamba. The Watchmaker Experience, now in its third edition in two years, is one of the events that L'Orologio organises in collaboration with leading watchmakers and aimed at our readership. An opportunity to come into direct contact with the places and people who 'make' watchmaking. We would like to remind you that the Swatch Group Italia service centre is also open to the public, and anyone wishing to bring their watch in person for repair, without having to go to a dealer to act as an intermediary, need only go to via Washington 70 in Milan, and wait their turn on the 3rd floor A. Work on watches with a still valid warranty has priority and repairs are carried out more quickly but, in all cases, the possibility of speaking directly with the person who will repair the watch is an added value that transmits security to customers. To conclude, the Swatch Group Italia structure is the reference point for the Group's after-sales service in Europe: Italian excellence in the world of Swiss watchmaking.